Achieve an Hourglass Figure with Fat Grafting

A beautiful “hourglass figure” is something many women seek, yet all too often it proves elusive. With innovative fat grafting techniques, you can achieve the curvy figure you desire. Fat grafting takes excess fat from areas of your body that you wish were slimmer and uses the fat to enhance areas of your body that you want to highlight. Improving your body contours has never been more effective than with breast augmentation fat transfer.

What is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting, or autologous fat transfer, is the process of removing fat from one area of the body and transferring it to another. The practice of “grafting” has a lengthy history and many applications in the medical field. For example, a person who has received a severe burn may undergo surgery to get a skin graft, in which healthy skin is transplanted to the burn site. Fat grafting is used for aesthetic purposes, most frequently to simultaneously enhance breast fullness and trim down localized fat pockets, such as the lower abdomen and thighs.

The Fat Grafting Procedure

Fat grafting begins with removing surplus fat cells from an area of the body that does not need them, such as the lower belly, hips, or thighs. Localized fat deposits like these often accumulate more fat than the body needs, which makes them an ideal extraction site for fat grafting. The fat is extracted using liposuction techniques to safely and carefully harvest the fat cells so that they can be used for breast enhancement. The extracted fat cells are processed, purified, and prepared, then reinjected into the breasts. A delicate and careful process, this procedure results in artistically subtle, yet distinct enhancements to your overall figure.

Using Fat Grafting to Enhance Your Figure

Fat grafting is popularly sought as a natural body contouring procedure. Because it enhances breast fullness while also trimming down trouble areas, fat grafting provides two noticeable improvements to body contour. Furthermore, since the reinjected fat cells are natural to the body, there is no risk of an allergic reaction or immune system rejection. Because there are no breast implants involved, there is no risk of capsular contracture, implant rupture, or other complications that some patients experience after traditional breast augmentation. There are no major surgical scars to hide, only a few inconspicuously placed liposuction incisions that are each less than a quarter inch long.

Fat Grafting Results

Some results after fat grafting will be immediately visible, but your overall appearance will change somewhat over the following months. During the initial recovery, you may have some temporary minor swelling in the surgical areas that will mask the results for several weeks. Some of the transferred fat cells will not survive the grafting process, which means the breasts may initially appear fuller than intended before the final results become visible. Your ultimate results will be visible within approximately six months and reveal your newly improved feminine figure with natural-looking hourglass curves.

Fat grafting is a specialized procedure that should only be performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joyce Aycock is an expert in body contouring and breast enhancement. Dr. Aycock would be pleased to answer your questions and offer you this procedure to enhance your figure. To schedule your consultation, call (720) 634-7400 or contact her online today.

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