Am I Too Old for a Breast Lift?

As women get older, they may start to experience changes in their breast appearance. These changes can include sagging breasts, stretched skin, and a decrease in breast volume. Breast lift surgery can help, but is surgery the right choice at your age? The reality is that women of all ages can safely undergo breast lift surgery! In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of breast lift surgery for older women and who is a good candidate for this procedure.

How Does Aging Affect the Breasts?

Just as it affects the rest of the body, the aging process affects the appearance and feel of a woman’s breasts. Gravity, gradually diminishing skin strength, and changes in estrogen levels can all cause the breasts to sag over time. The gradual loss of skin firmness and elasticity causes the skin to stretch, giving the breasts a flabbier look and feel. Dense breast tissue is also slowly replaced by fat as the aging process continues. In short, the aging process causes the breasts to become increasingly flabby, saggy, and shapeless.

The most common complaints about age-related changes to the breasts are:

  • Breast sagging (mild, moderate, or severe)
  • Stretch marks on the breasts
  • Stretched, thinning skin
  • Downward pointing nipples
  • Flattened or elongated breast shape
  • Diminished breast volume and firmness
  • Lumpiness in the breasts

When Does Aging Start to Affect the Breasts?

Age-related changes to the breasts occur gradually, usually starting in the late 30s and accelerating through menopause. However, some women in their 20s and early 30s may also see significant changes to their breasts. For younger women, additional factors such as pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and naturally large breasts can accelerate the effects of aging on the breasts. By the time most women have reached their 50s or 60s, they are likely to have significant changes to their breasts.

What Are the Age Requirements for Breast Lift Surgery?

Women can get a breast lift at any age. Approximately 100,000 women ranging from teenage to senior citizen undergo this procedure every year. According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most common age range for breast lift surgery is age 40 to 54, which makes sense considering that the majority of breast changes begin to manifest around this point in life.

How Old is Too Old for Breast Lift Surgery?

A breast lift is considered generally safe and effective for women of all ages. This means that even older women can have this surgery; in fact, more than 2,000 American women over the age of 70 got a breast lift in 2020. However, there are some factors that may increase the risk of surgical complications in older women. These include poor skin elasticity (which may affect the quality and longevity of the results) and confounding health factors (such as reduced healing ability, heart conditions, and lung conditions). These factors have far more to do with the woman’s overall health than the year she was born, and they are considered on an individual basis during the surgical consultation.

Who is a Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

Most women are candidates for a breast lift regardless of their age. The most significant qualifiers for this surgery are the shape, position, and ptosis (sagging) of the breasts, as well as the appearance of the nipple-areolar complex. Whether you are 32, 52, or 72 years old, if you are in good physical health, at a stable body weight, and do not smoke, you could be a candidate for breast lift surgery.

How Can Breast Lift Surgery Benefit Older Women?

Breast lift surgery offers multiple benefits for older women. First and foremost, by correcting many age-related changes, the surgery gives the breasts a more youthful appearance. This can help older women to look and feel younger. The results of this surgery can also help clothing to fit better, freeing women to more fully embrace the fashion trends they love. Additionally, the improvements to breast contour and position can provide significant relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by drooping breasts. Some women do not even realize that their breasts were a source of chronic pain until they notice the relief they feel after their breast lift.

If you are considering a breast lift and aren’t sure whether you should undergo this procedure at your age, schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joyce Aycock. Dr. Aycock is dedicated to helping women like you achieve your aesthetic ideals for your own individual anatomy. She will take into account your age, health, breast composition, skin elasticity, and goals to help you achieve the most beautiful and natural results.

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* Statistics taken from ASPS plastic surgery statistics for 2020.

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