Does Liposuction Permanently Remove Fat?

If you’re considering liposuction, you’re likely wondering if the procedure will permanently remove fat. The answer to this question is technically “yes”, but it’s a little more complicated than that. Liposuction results in permanent fat removal, but it is up to you to maintain a healthy weight to ensure long-lasting results.

How Does Liposuction Eliminate Fat?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat cells from your body using a suction device. The surgeon makes small incisions in the skin and inserts a thin tube, called a cannula, into the fatty tissue beneath. A vacuum device then suctions excess fat cells out of the body.

Is Liposuction Fat Removal Permanent?

Liposuction extracts fat cells from your body, which means these fat cells are permanently removed. The fat cells are suctioned out and disposed of, leaving the treated area slimmer and smoother.

Are Liposuction Results Permanent?

Here is where the answer to our original question gets a little complicated. While fat removal with liposuction is permanent, the procedure itself cannot guarantee that your body contours will remain slim and trim for the rest of your life. Liposuction has no effect on future weight gain, so unless you are careful about watching your weight, you could still put on more fat. This may negatively affect the long-term results of your liposuction procedure.

How Can I Maintain My Liposuction Results Permanently?

To ensure long-lasting liposuction results, maintain your post-lipo body weight. If you avoid any future weight gain, you should be able to enjoy your results long-term. If you experience a small amount of weight gain (5 to 10 pounds), you may see some changes, but you will likely keep most of the improvements from your liposuction procedure. But gaining a significant amount of weight (10% of your body weight or more) could lead to new areas of stubborn fat accumulation. This fat often accumulates less in areas previously treated by liposuction (as compared to untreated areas), but it is still likely to visibly affect your results.

It is best to maintain a stable, healthy body weight after liposuction so that you can continue to enjoy your body contouring results for years to come. Adopting a healthy lifestyle comprised of regular exercise and a nutritious diet will help you avoid considerable weight gain after liposuction. Focus on maintaining modest caloric intake with good protein, healthy carbohydrates, and lots of nutritious fruits and vegetables. Find physical activities that you enjoy – yoga, hiking, running, biking – so that it’s easy for you to stay active. These strategies will help you maintain your liposuction results, enjoy your slimmer body contours, and reap many other physical, emotional, and mental health benefits.

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