Fat Grafting

You do not have to get breast implants to improve your breast size. For many women, natural breast enhancement with fat grafting creates even better body contours. With fat grafting, you can use fat cells harvested from your own trouble areas to augment your breasts. This is a great way to shape your figure because it simultaneously enhances your curves AND minimizes your problem areas.

Redistribute Body Fat

Dr. Aycock can transfer fat cells from your stubborn fat deposits to your breasts. Correcting multiple areas in a single procedure this way can quickly and dramatically improve your body contours.


Slim Trouble Areas

The first part of fat grafting is the liposuction portion, which trims away excess fat from localized fat deposits like the lower abdomen or thighs. Fat cells are permanently extracted from the harvest areas, giving you slimmer and leaner contours. The fat cells are then prepared and processed for reinjection to enhance your curves with your own natural fat cells.


Enhance Your Curves

The second part of fat grafting is transferring the fat cells to the target area. Once the fat cells have been extracted and processed, they are reinjected into the area you wish to enhance. Fat transfer may be performed on various areas of the body; most often, it is used to enhance the breasts. Breast augmentation fat transfer can give you beautifully subtle and natural-looking results without any implants or major scarring.

Fat Grafting
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"Each woman has a different ideal and her own individual anatomy. I listen to you and your body to find options for beautiful and natural results. "
- Joyce Aycock, MD