Get Rid of Upper Arm Flab with BodyTite™

Many women struggle to get rid of upper arm flab. Even with a healthy diet and regular exercise, the upper arms can be incredibly difficult to tone. BodyTite™ can give you genuine results by melting away excess fat and tightening loose skin in the upper arms. Just one treatment session can restore youthfully firm arms, free of flab.

How BodyTite™ Works

BodyTite™ is a minimally invasive device that eliminates fat and tightens loose skin. Using the latest advanced technology, the BodyTite™ device transmits radiofrequency waves through the skin layer to heat and stimulate the soft tissues. The heat from the radiofrequency energy melts localized fat and triggers immediate skin contraction. It also stimulates collagen formation, which promotes continual skin firming over the weeks following the procedure. The combined effects of skin tightening and fat removal lead to slimmer, firmer, tighter, and more youthful upper arms.

How BodyTite™ Differs from Brachioplasty

As a minimally invasive procedure, BodyTite™ is quite different from brachioplasty (arm surgery). Both procedures address upper arm flab by eliminating stubborn fat. However, brachioplasty also involves a lengthy incision and trims away surplus skin. This incision is hidden on the underside of the arm and extends down toward the elbow. BodyTite™, on the other hand, tightens the skin rather than trims it. It requires only a tiny incision to insert the electrode and leaves no noticeable scarring.

Advantages of BodyTite™ Over Brachioplasty

For many candidates, BodyTite™ is an excellent alternative to brachioplasty. As a minimally invasive procedure, there is no lengthy surgical incision. BodyTite™ can help patients achieve surgery-like results with a faster recovery and without the hassles, risks, and expenses of surgery. BodyTite™ is also a safer approach than invasive surgery. While some patients may need brachioplasty to achieve optimal results, many will benefit from choosing BodyTite™ over upper arm surgery.

Advantages of BodyTite™ Over Other Treatments

BodyTite™ also has multiple advantages over other treatments for upper arm contour. Its skin tightening potential is greater than any other skin tightening device (invasive or non-invasive). In fact, the skin tightening effects will continue to improve for approximately six months after treatment. As a fat removal device, BodyTite™ is more efficient than other similar treatments. It is one of the top preferred skin tightening and fat removal treatments for upper arms among plastic surgeons today.

BodyTite™ could help you achieve the youthful upper arm tone you desire. To schedule your BodyTite™ consultation with Dr. Aycock, call 720-634-7400 or contact her online today.

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