Reconstructive Surgery

What is the difference between reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery? The same plastic surgery principles and techniques are used for both, however reconstruction presents the additional challenge of restoring a body that has been changed by an event such as cancer, trauma or another surgical procedure. Reconstruction can restore a healthy, natural appearance and help you to experience emotional closure and healing.

Breast Cancer Reconstruction

A breast cancer diagnosis is life-changing and there are many medical and surgical decisions to be made. Dr. Aycock can help you decide if breast reconstruction is right for you, and offers all the available options including DIEP flap microsurgical reconstruction, other flap reconstruction, direct to implant reconstruction, tissue expander reconstruction, or oncoplastic reconstruction for lumpectomies. Whether you are planning immediate reconstruction at the time of your cancer surgery or delayed reconstruction later on, she can guide you through the process to find the surgery that is right for you and your lifestyle.

  • DIEP flap reconstruction
  • Implant based reconstruction
  • Revision of reconstruction
breast cancer reconstruction

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery could be medically indicated if your large breast size is causing back, neck and shoulder pain, or causing rashes or grooves in the shoulders. Most patients feel improvement right after surgery and are pleased at the additional cosmetic benefit of a breast lift and more proportional measurements.

Top Surgery (Transgender)

Top surgery is chest reconstructive surgery to help transgender patients align their appearance with their identity. This procedure may be performed as breast augmentation with implants to create female appearing breasts or as a male chest reconstruction with double mastectomy to remove the breasts. Top surgery allows transgender patients to move forward in their transition experience.