Under-Eye Bag Surgery: How a Lower Blepharoplasty Could Improve Your Appearance

If you have under-eye bags that make you look tired and older than you are, you may be a good candidate for lower blepharoplasty surgery. This cosmetic surgery procedure can remove or reposition displaced fat and excess tissue from the lower eyelids to give you a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

What Causes Under-Eye Bags?

Bags under the eyes are usually caused by aging. Like the rest of the body, the internal tissue support structures around the eyes naturally weaken with age. This may cause the natural fatty tissue around the eyes to migrate or become displaced to the lower eyelid region, creating the puffy appearance often called “under-eye bags”.

In some individuals, bags may form under the eyes earlier than expected. These individuals may have a genetic predisposition to develop excess fat in the area beneath the eyes. Having under-eye bags can make you look old and tired, even if you are a young and well-rested individual.

A few lifestyle factors may also contribute to puffy bags underneath the eyes. These include sleep deprivation, chronic allergies, and excess salt intake. If you have accounted for and addressed all of these issues, and you still have bags under your eyes, you could be a good candidate for a lower blepharoplasty.

How Lower Blepharoplasty Can Help

Lower blepharoplasty, sometimes called lower eyelid surgery or a lower eyelid tuck, is a surgical procedure that addresses excess and/or displaced tissue in the lower eyelid region. Conservatively removing excess fat, repositioning the soft tissues, and tightening loose skin can eliminate bags under the eyes and transform the whole appearance of the eye area.

How Lower Blepharoplasty Works

During a lower blepharoplasty, your surgeon will make an incision either inside the lower eyelid or just below the lash line. Through this incision, the surgeon will access and remove any excess fat to reduce under-eye puffiness. Some of the lower eyelid’s soft tissue will be repositioned or removed. If you have loose skin in the lower eyelid, your surgeon may also remove it and tighten the area so that it appears more youthful and contoured.

Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags with a Lower Blepharoplasty

A lower blepharoplasty can significantly improve the appearance of puffy under-eye bags. The procedure can noticeably improve the contour of your under-eye area and give it a more shapely and less saggy appearance. Instead of a perpetually old, tired, sad, or grumpy expression, you will have more lifted and youthful definition to your eyes that will refresh and rejuvenate your appearance.

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