What is the best type of breast reconstruction?

It took me a really long time to write this because, let’s face it, breast cancer sucks.  There is really no way to make this a fun read.  You may have just been diagnosed, or maybe you have been dealing with breast cancer for a while, but you have probably realized that there is *a lot* of information to get through.  And it is up to you to make many decisions about your treatment, possibly in a short amount of time.  One of those decisions may be whether to have reconstruction, and what type of reconstruction to have. 


So, you probably did what I would do to answer a question and Googled “what is the best type of breast reconstruction?”

Unfortunately this brings you to a bunch of websites that are pretty unhelpful and use the words “breast mound”.  I mean, I even know pretty much everything about breast reconstruction and they are hard to get through.  It is like studying for an exam.  And frankly, that’s probably at the bottom of your list right now.  The good news is- most women end up reasonably happy with their reconstruction, no matter which one they pick.  And in most cases, having reconstruction improves your overall quality of life.  Also, none of these choices are irreversible- you might end up with another surgery down the road, but you can get there from here. 

Scheduling an appointment with a plastic surgeon who will listen to you and help you figure out the most important priorities for you will help guide you through these choices.  And keep in mind- that first priority is going to be treating or preventing that cancer.   But while you are treating your cancer, you might also be taking care of your two year old, or maybe you just started a new job where you travel all the time.  Perhaps you want your reconstructed breasts to be smaller or larger.  Maybe you really don’t want implants or you might have implants already and love them. Each woman has her own unique story, her own goals, her own fears, her own dreams.  You deserve to have them be heard. 

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