What Should I Include in My Mommy Makeover? Personalizing Your Procedure

While the experience of becoming a mother is incredibly rewarding, it can also bring about changes in your body that may leave you feeling discouraged. You may be wondering what can be done to fix the issues you have with your body contours. Fortunately, the Mommy Makeover is a complete customizable combination of procedures that can surgically address your unique concerns and restore your pre-pregnancy contours. Here are some of the ways you can customize a Mommy Makeover to give you exactly what you need.

The first thing you need to do is consider precisely what is bothering you. Of the following common issues that mothers have with their bodies, consider which ones apply to you. The procedures listed on the right can correct each particular issue, and any of these can be included as a part of your Mommy Makeover.

Body Issue That You'd Like to Correct

What to Include in Mommy Makeover

Small Breasts: Your breasts are too small for your liking after pregnancy and childbirth.

Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation with implants or fat grafting can enhance your breast size.

Deflated Breasts: Your breasts used to have more volume, but they have become deflated after pregnancy and childbirth.

Breast Augmentation: Augmentation (usually with implants) can fill out deflated breasts and improve their shape and firmness.

Sagging Breasts: Your breasts have begun to sag excessively due to the many changes they went through with pregnancy and childbirth.

Breast Lift: A breast lift can reshape and redefine your breast contour to give you a more youthful figure.

Oversized Breasts: Your breasts have become too large and heavy with the additional volume they put on during pregnancy.

Breast Reduction: A breast reduction can eliminate excess breast tissue and give you a more balanced figure.

Sagging Skin on Tummy: The skin of your abdomen was stretched significantly during pregnancy, and you are left with excess, hanging abdominal skin.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): A tummy tuck can trim away the excess skin and give you a flatter, firmer abdominal contour.

Separated Abdominal Muscles: Your stomach muscles separated during pregnancy, giving you a constantly sagging tummy that still gives the appearance of pregnancy long after your child was born.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty): A tummy tuck can mend separated abdominal muscles by sewing back together the abdominal wall so that it can better hold in your core. The result is a flatter, firmer tummy.

Stubborn Body Fat: Whether it’s on your abdomen, hips, thighs, upper arms, or anywhere else, stubborn body fat is a common complaint post-pregnancy.

Liposuction or BodyTite™: Fat removal with liposuction or BodyTite™ can be performed virtually anywhere on your body to eliminate stubborn fat and give you smoother, leaner body contours.

Facial Concerns: A wide variety of facial concerns may bother some women. These can include wrinkles, bags under the eyes, volume loss, or a tired or aging look.

Facial Rejuvenation: A variety of facial procedures, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, fillers, FaceTite™, microneedling, eyelid surgery, or a full facelift, can rejuvenate the face.

Vaginal Concerns: The vaginal lips (labia) can sometimes become enlarged or misshapen due to childbirth.

Labiaplasty: Labiaplasty can improve the appearance and size of the labia after childbirth.

Remember, your Mommy Makeover is entirely customizable to your specific needs and desires. Yours can include any combination of the above procedures; you only need to identify the issues you have in order to figure out what procedures you should include. By considering your personal anatomy and aesthetic goals, and discussing them with a skilled plastic surgeon, you can create a surgical plan that will help you achieve the transformation you desire.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation to explore your options and embark on your journey to reclaiming your pre-pregnancy body. We’re here to support you every step of the way! Call (720) 634-7400 or contact us online to book your consultation with Dr. Joyce Aycock now.

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