Who is a Good Candidate for FaceTite™?

The innovative anti-aging treatment known as FaceTite™ is sweeping the nation, and for good reason. This minimally invasive treatment is helping people achieve the youthful look they desire with minimal downtime and no major surgery. But are you the right candidate for FaceTite™? In this blog post, we will go over who fits the criteria for FaceTite™ and how this procedure can restore a youthful appearance.

What is FaceTite™?

Before we dive into who the ideal candidate is, let’s review what FaceTite™ is. FaceTite™ is a device used by plastic surgeons to improve the appearance of the face and neck. Focused radiofrequency energy waves heat up the deep soft tissues of the face and neck, melting away fat cells and stimulating collagen production for a smoother, better contoured, and more youthful appearance. The treatment is minimally invasive and produces excellent aesthetic results while saving patients from having to undergo major surgery. Its combination of both fat reduction and skin tightening abilities makes FaceTite™ a unique aesthetic treatment that surpasses the capabilities of other minimally invasive facial treatments.

Am I a Good Candidate for FaceTite™?

The ideal candidate for FaceTite™ is someone who has excess fat and skin laxity in the lower face and neck, but does not yet require a surgical facelift. You could also be a good candidate for this procedure if you are seeking facial improvements, but you are not interested in (or unable to undergo) facelift surgery. As with many other procedures, FaceTite™ candidates also have good physical health, do not smoke, and do not have significant health issues such as diabetes or heart disease that could increase the risk of complications.

What Could FaceTite™ Do for Me?

FaceTite™ uses highly precise, focused radiofrequency energy waves to achieve incredible results in the small target areas of the lower face and neck. This treatment offers immediate fat reduction and skin tightening with more efficiency and greater potential than other similar treatments. FaceTite™ can slim down the lower face, jowls, chin, and neck area, and its effects continue to provide skin tightening and firming for months afterward. Treatment with FaceTite™ results in a slimmer, more contoured face and neck that conveys a remarkably more youthful appearance.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether FaceTite™ is right for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation for FaceTite™ in Denver with Dr. Joyce Aycock. Dr. Aycock is a board-certified plastic surgeon and would be happy to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Call (720) 634-7400 or fill out our online contact form to book your appointment today.

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