Breast Reduction

For many women, heavy and overly large breasts are not only an aesthetic concern but also a genuine physical burden. Oversized breasts can limit physical activity, cause various health complications, and significantly reduce quality of life. Breast reduction surgery can restore balance to your figure and reconstruct a more natural breast size and shape. Countless women who have undergone breast reduction have experienced firsthand the incredible benefits of this reconstructive procedure.

Breast reduction surgery may be recommended for you if you are experiencing negative effects associated with oversized breasts. Dr. Aycock will help you understand how breast reduction could improve your day-to-day living and support you in making an informed choice about this procedure.


Reduce Chronic Pain

A woman with naturally large breasts may not realize how much stress they can put on the body. It is common for women with oversized breasts to experience frequent back aches, headaches, neck aches, and shoulder pain due to the disproportionate weight pulling downward on the front of the chest. Undergoing breast reduction eases the pressure on these areas of the body by decreasing breast mass and redistributing the balance. This can lead to significant relief and even the elimination of chronic pain in the back, neck, head, and shoulders.

Breast Reconstruction


Eliminate Irritation

Another common complaint among women with disproportionately large breasts is irritation to the skin and shoulders. Even with a quality bra, gravity pulling downward on the breasts all day can lead to permanent shoulder grooves from overtaxed bra straps. The abundant breast tissue can also trigger skin irritation and chafing, especially in warm weather or during physical activity. Reducing breast size relieves the pressure on the shoulders and reduces the likelihood of skin rubbing that results in chafing and irritation.


Improve Mobility

Large, cumbersome breasts can severely limit mobility and even restrict physical activity. With large breasts, certain physical exercises such as running can be not only challenging but extremely painful due to bouncing, heavy breasts. Even moderate or low impact activities like volleyball or swimming can inhibit freedom of movement and inhibit physical progress. Athletes and fitness lovers may discover that they have remarkably better mobility with physical exercise after undergoing breast reduction.


Additional Benefits

Breast reduction can provide many additional benefits. It can help to counteract anxiety and poor self-image that may result from dealing with excessively large breasts. Premature breast sagging that creates an unbalanced, “older woman” look can also be corrected with breast reduction. Women who experience unwanted attention due to their disproportionate figure may receive fewer stares and distasteful comments, helping them to feel more empowered to participate in their preferred activities or visit certain locations. Breast reduction can also enhance day-to-day living by eliminating problems with how clothing fits, reducing the need for expensive clothes tailoring, and even improving experiences like wearing a cross-body bag, putting on a seatbelt, and lying on your stomach.

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Breast Reduction 
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