Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

When you feel confident about your body, people around you can sense it. You can empower yourself with self-confidence by addressing your body concerns head-on. One area of the body that many people worry about is the waistline. With tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Aycock can correct sagging skin, loose abdominal muscles, and persistent belly fat that may be contributing to a poor body image. This surgery can produce a firm, flat, and shapely abdominal contour that will help you feel great about the way you look!

What can a Tummy Tuck correct?


Weak Abdominal Muscles

Weak or separated abdominal muscles called a rectus diastasis can create the appearance of a perpetual belly pooch. Aren’t you tired of people asking when your baby is due? While rigorous abdominal exercises may help strengthen your core muscles, only abdominoplasty can mend an abdominal wall that has become permanently separated due to pregnancy and/or weight gain. With tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Aycock will surgically tighten and pull together the separated muscles to restore a tighter shaped abdomen.

tummy tuck in denver to improve stomach muscles


Sagging Abdominal Skin

Sagging skin in the abdominal area may result from pregnancy, aging, or weight gain followed by weight loss. A tummy tuck can trim away loose or hanging abdominal skin and tighten the remaining skin so that the abdomen lies flat. With a surgical incision hidden in the lower abdomen that is covered by most bathing suits, Dr. Aycock can permanently remove overstretched skin as well as many stretch marks.

tummy tuck sagging skin


Stubborn Belly Fat

Perhaps the most common abdominal issue of all is the stubborn belly fat that can persist despite a healthy lifestyle. This troublesome area is difficult to spot reduce, but stubborn fat can be eliminated with surgery. Dr. Aycock will incorporate liposuction into your tummy tuck procedure to permanently remove excess fat from areas like the waistline, “muffin top” and “bra fat” to improve the overall look and outcome of your tummy tuck.

muffin top liposuction in denver

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Tummy Tuck 
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"Each person has a different ideal and her own individual anatomy. I listen to you and your body to find options for beautiful and natural results. "
- Joyce Aycock, MD